Insurance Industry Special Interest Group
  Kevin Schofield   Kevin Schofield
ADRM Software


Tuesday, October 15, 2019
07:30 AM - 08:15 AM

Level:  Intermediate

As those who work in the insurance industry know, factors ranging from digital transformation to new entrants into the industry are exerting pressures to accelerate change and more fully capitalize on existing data assets.

After participant introductions, this Insurance industry special interest session will kick off with a brief presentation to highlight some of the most common "hot topics" in insurance from a data perspective, before opening up to group discussion for most of the session to enable participants to share some of their challenges and successes and network with other attendees with an insurance focus.

Over the past 20 years Kevin has led ADRM Software to its current position as the leading independent provider of comprehensive industry-specific data models. He has had the privilege to work directly with most of ADRM’s customers across a wide variety of industries in 19 countries around the world to ensure that their diverse and evolving data and analytic requirements are met now and in the future through the use of large-scale industry-specific data models to facilitate comprehensive digital transformation and data architecture and truly engaging enterprise data governance and through the deployment of large-scale DWs, Data Lakes, ODS, and virtualization layers across diverse platforms, while also reducing risk and benefiting from best practices and lessons learned at other similar large organizations.