Simple Knowledge Graphs: It's Not So Hard After All
  Mark Ouska   Mark Ouska
Semantic Arts, Inc.


Monday, October 14, 2019
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Level:  Introductory

There are plenty of new buzzwords and technologies with knowledge graphs and semantic technologies, but when is that not the case with any new technology? Hierarchical database folks were confused by the relational approach and relational folks by object-oriented, but these are now commonplace. In some short number of years this will be true for semantics when the next big thing comes along and the cycle begins again. The session will cover:

  1. Mapping what you do now with traditional database development to how you do those things with semantic technologies.
  2. Detailing the key differences between prior approaches and semantic-driven knowledge graphs, including some amazing results knowledge graphs can enable.
  3. Identifying the types of solutions semantic technologies can support.

Knowledge graphs are the result of great efforts by philosophers and logicians, but you don't have to be either one to start using them to get value. This presentation was developed from a real-world perspective designing, building, and deploying knowledge graphs in large corporate environments. There is value getting the right expertise in place, you just don't have to be that expert to be successful building a knowledge-graph-based solution.

Mark Ouska is an Enterprise Agile Data Strategist and Ontologist with nearly 35 years of professional information management experience in Enterprise Business Data Architecture. He's an Enterprise Data Strategy expert focused on data leadership and enterprise information management strategy development. He's demonstrated success recruiting key cross-functional business segments to participate in the accurate technical articulation and execution of business data goals and objectives. He has proven expertise in extracting business data requirements, developing relationships, and evolving models that execute the enterprise data vision. He has public and private-sector leadership experience implementing solutions that are willingly adopted by technical staff, critical business leadership, and championed by VP and C-Level constituents. He has experience in multiple industries, including Pharmaceutical Research, Retail, Health Care, Financial Services, Consulting, Criminal Justice, Insurance, Natural Resources, Petrochemicals, and Software Development.